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The Changing Economics of Mental Health Private Practice by Ken Clark

Trigger warning for bad news, pessimism, etc. 
Background on this post: 
Someone had started another thread about what they fear are the long-term implications of the NSA. What follows are my opinions and could definitely be wrong, but also reflect my prior career as a Wall Street professional who analyzed industry directions as part of what I did. It also reflects my experience writing an insurance licensing textbook prior to grad school and the insight I've gathered running a 200+ clinician practice (which makes me privy to some higher level discussions with payers, industry analysts, etc). Let me preface all this by saying, what lies ahead for outpatient mental health has already happened in other healthcare sectors, so none of this is too surprising. It's simply the economic reality of the exploding demand for mental health, as well as the relative lack of regulations around how much services are accessed and how outcomes are measured.
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