Who Is Ken Clark?

Ken is the Founder and CEO of Chenal Family Therapy PLC, a collaborative private practice with 20+ offices across Arkansas and Texas. CFT's 150+ person staff (which includes both master's level therapists and psychiatrists) serves approximately 2,000 clients per week. 

​As a clinician, Ken has logged nearly 20,000 hours in the therapy chair. As an entrepreneur, he's built a company that Inc Magazine named as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in the United States three years in a row.   


What's the Story with SPP?

After nearly a decade of private practice, Ken got restless. He's someone who always needs to be creating and SemiPrivatePractice.com was the next natural evolution after figuring out how to build a successful practice.

If the good, bad and ugly of his journey can save you some sleepless nights and help you build your practice, he's a happy camper. 


Why Do You Need SPP?

"Semi-Private Practice" is a term at the core of Ken's success as a founder and CEO. It describes a practice culture in which clinicians are given the autonomy they need to build a private practice, but also the resources and safety nets they need to sleep well at night. His goal is to make SemiPrivatePractice.com an extension of what has worked so well within his company. 

SPP is a place where you can accelerate your own success by leaning on an established pool of resources, curated by successful folks who have already walked the path of successful entrepreneurship and practice leadership.


Your Next Steps...

You should do two things, right now, that will take less than 60 seconds but will save you countless hours over the long run. 

First, you need to sign up for the "Coffee with Ken," which is a weekly live Q&A with Ken and other experts on a variety of practice management and growth topics.  These weekly calls are full of simple tips you can use TODAY to make you practice better TOMORROW. 

Second, Ken has put together a list of "Practice Necessities" that will benefit anyone considering or already in private practice. Whether you're brand new to solo practice or run a growing group of clinicians, these resources will serve your practice as well as they have Ken's.

Click here to see Ken's list of best practice resources, software, apps, and solutions.