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RECORDING- Bulletproof Your Notes: EMDR Session Documentation

Course Description:
Participants in this webinar will learn essential elements to documenting EMDR sessions for all 8 Phases to reflect both the content of what was covered in a session as well as strategies to ensure conformance to insurance-billing standards. Ideal participants for this webinar include licensed mental health practitioners and graduate students who are either learning or trained in the EMDR treatment protocol. This webinar is intended to provide support and training on the documentation of EMDR, not the utilization of the EMDR treatment protocol with clients.
Presenter Bio: 
Lizy Wiggins, LCSW is an EMDR Certified Therapist with Chenal Family Therapy and the Owner and CEO of EMDR Restorative Consulting, LLC.  Lizy is an EMDRIA approved EMDR Trainer and Consultant. She has taken over 300 hours of advanced trauma training. Her areas of specialty include dissociation, attachment, polyvagal theory, and nervous system related illnesses. For information on other trainings please visit https://www.emdrrestorative.consulting/trainings.
1. Identify objectives for treatment planning in notes
2. Identify responses to client's subjective experience for notes
3. Identify clinician intervention statements for notes
Presented by Chenal Family Therapy, PLC through SPP. ACEP #7233