$2,400.00 USD

Twelve Session Coaching Package with Mandy Kordsmeier (20% Discount)

Make no mistake about it... you're in the scheduling business, just as much as you're in the therapy business.  

If you're not converting inbound inquiries and getting your existing clients back on the schedule, you're fighting an uphill battle.

Mandy Kordsmeier runs one of the busiest and most productive behavioral health scheduling teams in the country. Each week, her team handles 2,500+ calls, faxes and emails, resulting in over 3,000 weekly appointments, including 200+ new client appointments. 

Coaching with Mandy can help you:

  • Implement systems to track inbound calls, follow-ups, referrals, etc.
  • Develop scripts to collect client info, credit card / insurance info.
  • Recruit and retain scheduling team members.
  • Handle client complaints, inappropriate clients, etc. 


About Mandy Kordsmeier:

Mandy Kordsmeier is the Director of Scheduling at Chenal Family Therapy, one of the country's fastest growing behavioral health private practices. Her team of 10+ full-time schedulers handles 10,000+ inbound / outbound contacts, scheduling 7,500+ new clients per year.