$40.00 USD

RECORDED Webinar: Top Safety Tips You Need to Consider for your Group or Private Practice


  • 1. Participants will learn effective strategies for designing clinical offices to support clinician safety
  • 2. Participants will learn verbal deescalation techniques.
  • 3. Participants will learn basic legal understanding of laws allowing the right to defend oneself and others in a workplace setting.

David Lengefeld, LPC has been in practice for over 10 years and has experience working at acute inpatient psychiatric facilities as well as outpatient community mental health and private practice. David is also a volunteer sheriff deputy in Grant County, Arkansas and regularly takes patrol. David has been providing safety consultations for Chenal Family Therapy, PLC a 250+ person practice, encompassing on-site office safety strategies, verbal deescalation techniques, and clinical safety recommendations. CFT ACEP #7233