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Weekend Reads (Working Moms, Sleep Deprivation, .99 Cent Trick and Booze) Progress

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2020

It's the weekend!!

Time to curl up with some coffee and do some big picture thinking about your practice. 

Here's some of my top picks for relevant news content from this week, as well as a couple of time-saving resources that I can't get enough of right now.

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Recommended Resources:

Too many books, not enough time? Check out Blinkist, which provides the best 5-minute book summaries I've found on all the top business, leadership, and personal development books.  

Trying to cut expenses? Founder's Card saves my practice a few thousand dollars per year on services from AT&T, Ring Central, Zoom, Square, while also earning me automatic status / upgrades on hotels and flights. 


Suggested Reads / Re-Useable Content:

Entrepreneurs need sleep!! New study from the Journal of the American Medical Association showing permanent cognitive decline from sleep deprived individuals. Relevant to those who believe real entrepreneurs aren't supposed to slow down.

- Trying to figure out a price for that group you're starting or that online course you're about to launch? According to the Wall Street Journal, the .99 cent trick is real and impacts buying decisions.  

- Practices competent in working with alcohol-use disorders will be in high demand as life begins to return to normal post-pandemic. What will your practice be doing to help meet that need?

- The Harvard Business Review has noticed a spiking trend in working moms leaving the work force and/or quitting employers who don't get it. Validating read for anyone juggling a career and kids, as well as any entrepreneur hoping to recruit and retain working moms. 


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Have a great week!! You're a badass!






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