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Weekend Reads (Biden and Small Business, PPP, United Healthcare, and Niche Marketing)

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2020

It's the weekend!! Time to curl up with some coffee and do some big picture thinking about your practice. 

Here's some of my top picks for relevant news content from this week, as well as a couple of time-saving resources that I can't get enough of right now.

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Recommended Resources:

Got HIPAA? Awesome 2-hour annual HIPAA training to help you meet Federal guidelines (should be at least once every 1-2 years, even if in solo practice). Quantity discounts available with cost ranging from $15 - $30.

IntakeQ - Ken's favorite way to collect all kinds of client data from intake forms to updated credit cards to secure electronic referrals from doctors offices and other  

Suggested reads:

Impact of the Biden presidency on small business. Includes some thoughts on the QBID pass-through deduction, Medicare for All, and stimulus / relief for small businesses. 

United Healthcare ordered to pay 67,000 previously denied mental health claims after a court ruled that they need to use medical necessity standards set by our professional associations, as opposed to their own internal standards. 

Demographic shifts in where consumers live that I can see favoring small town and rural therapists, as well as driving increased acceptance of telemed and interstate licensing. 

Emerging, pandemic related mental health issues for the American workforce that could equate to increased opportunities for practices willing to creatively meet these needs. 

Article from CNBC recommending that businesses who received PPP re-consider filing loan forgiveness applications until more clarity is available from legislators. 

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